Understand Business Jargon!


Many people wonder why making sure that you don’t use awkward word when presenting something is essential.

Well it’s something that many businesses don’t think about before they go in, and it can make or break an image. Making sure that you don’t use awkward words is one of the key things and it can destroy your credibility if you do so.

The reasoning being why it sounds weird is because you have to look at your audience. They’re all professionals in the area, and you have to remember that they’ve been doing this for a while. You may be wanting to work with them, so you may have some experience, but in some cases you just want to start working together and you may not know a whole lot about the field.

It’s like if you’re trying to sell x-ray systems to people and you’re talking to professionals who are used to the jargon and you use it wrongly. It can really halt progress on your end.

Another thing to keep in mind is that sometimes the professionals don’t call it that. They may have slang for it, and you’ll sound weird dropping some sort of name for something that they don’t even refer to it as.

The field may be changing as well, and the name for it can be different too. It’s something that happens to a lot of professions, but if you’re not careful about it the jargon can ruin your reputation.

The thing to do in this case is either one of two things. You can just get rid of it altogether and make sure that you don’t sound awkward by having a strong proposal. Or you can try learning about it by doing research.

Go to professional sites to learn about it, and make sure that the jargon you use is still in use. Then make sure you’re not saturating it with jargon as well. Those two ways can help prevent you from the awkwardness of using jargon, so not only will you sound better but you will look better as well.