Unconventional benefits to offer employees


It is not difficult to understand that employees who enjoy their work and feel valued are more productive than those who do not.

All the more bizarre then that some employers overlook the fact that they can enhance their employees’ financial remuneration with some relatively simple benefits and bonuses to achieve this. Here are tips from some of the top employment experts to bring any workforce fully on board and boost a firm’s productivity in the process.

Company culture counts

First off, all the benefits in the world don’t make up for a lousy work environment. It is sensible to make sure employee morale generally is good as a few perks are unlikely to change negative work practices, especially if some or all of workplace bullying, sexism, intimidation or assigning unfair workloads is commonplace.

Healthcare options

Next, think about how important employee health is – both for employer and employee. In this sense wellness programs are strategic as well as beneficial. Offering gym membership, for example, is an attractive perk that helps a workforce stay healthy and happy. Bigger companies sometimes also offer on site massage and spa services and undoubtedly these are a great way to reduce and relieve stress.

Obey the rules

It goes without saying that it is vital to make sure employees abide by the recommendations of the Department of Labor regarding issues such as hazardous noise levels and regular screen breaks. The Office of Health and Safety Administration has a really useful website detailing the requirements. This is an important factor as exposure to high noise levels can cause permanent damage to hearing, that neither surgery nor hearing aids can resolve.

Do what’s necessary

It’s a similar story regarding work-related eye problems. Safety eyewear, such as goggles or glasses, should be a must for employees using certain types of equipment. A responsible employer will provide this equipment as well as making sure employees utilize it.

Technology solutions

When it comes to using computers, it’s possible that excessive use may cause eyestrain and irritation. Again there are guidelines to help employees limit their exposure to screens however particularly for those employers based in or around Saint Paul, it may be sensible to consider offering LASIK eye surgery in Minnesota as one of the company benefits. While it may not sound as exotic as on onsite massage, the workforce will know that their eye care needs are important and that they will get help if the need arises.

Time off

Finally, when it is necessary to cut an employee some slack, it is essential that employers don’t tolerate outrageous behavior or this will become part of the received company culture. Instead, work to help members of the workforce who have difficulties at home by allowing paid time off in tricky domestic circumstances. When employees feel trusted this increases their loyalty to their boss. Around the holidays a little extra time to spend with family is always appreciated, while maternity and paternity leave demonstrates that work-life balance is important to the employer as well as to the workforce.

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