I’ve never had anyone come up to me and tell me that they like to start the day in a bad mood and struggle to get into a positive mindset.  Yet, whether it may be due to less hours of sleep than are ideal, to needing coffee, or to just not being a morning person, a lot of people find that the positivity they like to have isn’t easy to find first thing in the morning.

This post is all about hitting peak positivity as early in the day as possible, not getting to it by eleven a.m.

Now, you probably wouldn’t do all of these things.  You might choose one activity in each group, or you might choose a particular group of activities and focus just on that area.

Clear the Mind

Some people—particularly those who don’t need coffee immediately—like to be sure to clear their minds before doing anything in their day.  No lists of goals, no music, no yummy scrambled eggs, and not even a shower, but instead some time with silence before attempting anything.

This can include methods such as:

  • meditation
  • deep breathing
  • yoga

Be Thankful

A lot of folks find positivity from thankfulness.  A person might make a list of two or three things s/he is thankful for each morning—trying to name different things each morning can show how many things you have to be thankful for.  You may focus on one.

You can think of things to be thankful for while walking or eating breakfast or just showering—it’s just a matter of being sure to have the resolve to do it and to follow through.

Mental Inspiration

Another great road to positivity is to remind yourself of all the beauty around you, and all the great ways to look at the world.  You may grab a coffee table book full of beautiful photos and look at two or three each morning.  You may have a playlist of uplifting songs, or may have inspirational quotes.  Writing one out with a marker can be a great way to reinforce it in your mind.

Starting with a focus on beauty like this can make you gracious [#2] and broad-minded, a great way to start any day.


This really gets to the heart of things, literally.  Getting the blood pumping is a chemical way of triggering some positivity.  I know people who would never face the day without a jog or other type of exercise first.

In addition to any runner’s high, you might get from any aerobic exercise, a lot of people feel that they are centered and focused via exercise.  It usually gets the body and mind ready to look at the world with a bit more courage and confidence.

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