I ran across an interesting article about what one might call a “love group.”  You’ve heard of “hate groups,” and this group is definitely not that.  In fact it is in direct opposition to those kinds of groups and to the kinds of activities they promote.

The group of women featured in the article created a brand about the slogan “kindness is everything.”  They made a variety of sharp-looking project around this slogan and others that go with it.  Proceeds for the sale of these items will go to the ACLU and other worthy causes.

These women were responding to a lot of hate that has been happening lately.  I am reacting to the same things they are when I say that in the present climate, we all need to take some time to think about how to react to hate around us, specifically, how to return it with love and kindness.

Political Hate

While at first glance, the kind of hatred that the article above spoke about might seem distant or abstract, the sad reality is that any of us can confront politically-motivated hatred at any time.  We might encounter this due to the color of our skin, our gender, a slogan on a button we may be wearing, a bumper sticker, anything.

Reasons for love: There are a couple of main reasons to respond with love against political harassers.  First, they are not bad people, and they deserve love, even when they are saying hurtful things.

Second, you need to be able to look yourself in the eye and be absolutely certain that you are doing everything you can to make the world a better place.  If you include hateful rhetoric—or worse—into your strategy, you may not be able to do this.

Hatred from Enemies

Some of us have people who just dog us—step-brothers, exes of our current significant other, that one person at the office, etc.  They have it in for us.  Perhaps we did something wrong to them or were involved in something that could reasonably breed some animosity.  Assuming that we’ve already apologized and have tried to make things right, if the person is still holding a grudge, it may seem unfair.

Reasons for love: In situations like this, the principle is basically being the “bigger” person.  You are exercising the part of your soul that doesn’t have to stoop to someone else’s level.  When you build up that part of yourself, you are doing so much good for yourself in the long run. 

It will also make you feel good about yourself  in one of the purest ways. 

Hatred from Family

Now, for some of these situations, “hate” or “hatred” may be strong words.  We may be dealing, really, with resentment or with some kind of antagonism.  But it must be quite severe and distressing to you to fit into our discussion for today.

Obviously, these kind of feuds or instances of hurt can be very upsetting, since they involve people who we always expect to treat us with love

Reasons for love: The obvious reason to be sure to return love here is that you are dealing with family.  This is one of the most important manifestations of always being sure to return love with hate.  When you are dealing with bonds that are generally unbreakable and when you can show your ability to persevere and show love in the face of hate, you are setting examples for all involved, including your children or others who are familiar with the situation, even if not indirectly involved in it.  You are showing and furthering your commitment to maintaining the most important bonds we have.

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