Next Level Marketing for the Holidays and Beyond


Next level marketing is chief among ways to increase business sales and build a recognizable brand. Do you want to attract new customers? Of course you do.

But, if you’re not participating in next level marketing, it’s unlikely you’ll attract any new customers. Unlike advertising, marketing begins with your products (how they’re branded, what they look like, how they’re packaged, etc.).
It’s also how you mine and research data, and then leverage that data to improve how you’re targeting potential business.

Customize, Personalize, and Display Your Products

Customize and personalize your products to make your brand memorable (change designs often, but never change your logo). Display your products to influence shoppers. The best place to inspire impulse buys is near check out registers.
It’s here that customers are most inclined to make an impulse purchase, but you’re going to lose out if your display isn’t memorable or engaging. Consider the benefits of a point of sale display at Creative Displays Now.
Here’s some ideas for how you can customize your display to encourage those impulse buys (remember: don’t change your logo, just the design):

  • Leverage holiday cheer and use holiday inspired packaging. When people see a large magnificent holiday display, they remember why they’re shopping in the first place: to purchase gifts for friends and family
  • Use big bold lettering and a fun message, such as “Keep Going” the Energizer slogan
  • Include a brochure holder, which explains or product. Or, tempt them with a coupon attached to the display

Leverage Autoresponders and Build Email Campaigns

An autoresponder is a message that is auto sent to people who email a particular email address. For example, you should have an autoresponder for your customer service email. This will tell customers exactly when they can expect to hear back from you.
Autoresponders are good customer service, but how do they help marketing? Well, if someone signs up for emails from your company, you can use the auto responder to send coupons, calls to action, and more. Emails should include special offers, discounts for online and in-store, and anything else you’re offering. A free gift with every purchase is a nice touch. It gives the customer a sense of belonging.

Start a Rewards Program

One example of a rewards program is a Frequent Buyers Program. The program gives cash back to loyal customers who shop often. New sign-ups should receive an incentivizing reward, such as a discount on their first purchase or additional rewards for money spent.
Rewards don’t have to be monetary. You could offer free products from your inventory, a turkey at the holidays, a chance to win prizes, entries into a cash giveaway, and more.
This approach engages customers, and it shows them how much you value their business.

Be Clean and Approachable

Beautiful displays are a great way to market products, but if they’re surrounded by dirt and clutter customers are going to be disgusted. Having a clean and attractive store or display is paramount to your success. Take care of your facilities; ensure they’re cleaned up.
Every night you should have a cleaning crew to remove smudges from windows (hang signs in those mirrors promoting your tidy business), wash surfaces, dust, and clean the floors.
Keep in mind, even your aroma can impact a customer’s decision to buy or not – so always smell good. And, make sure there is a customer service rep nearby to help at all times.

Once you’ve marketed yourself through presentation, you can focus on advertising. New customers can be gained through advertising online, on radio, on television, or in print.

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