Why You Should Invest in Peer to Peer Loans


Peer-to-peer lending is very popular at the moment.  Investors have discovered this form of investment after getting disappointed by savings and bond rates.

In peer-to-peer lending, the investors are allowed to make unsecured loans to consumers. At the end of the year, these investors get an average return of 7% to11%.

This form of investment is considered to be very risky. If you want to create an account, it is paramount to understand it works so that you do not end up with huge losses.

How does peer-to-peer investing work?

Peer-to-peer generally means non-bank banking.  This area is similar to the regular banking because it focuses on making loans and giving the proceeds of the loan to investors.  With peer to peer activities, the middleman is not available. There are no bankers in this area. Instead of investing your hard earned money through a financial institution, an investor is allowed to invest directly by allowing borrowers to access the funds through peer to peer platforms such as Prosper.

For instance, people who need loans will look for a peer to peer lending site and request to fill the loan application form.  The borrowers provide their crucial information, the purpose of the loan and the amount of money they are looking for.  Prospective investors are given this information so that they can choose the loans they will invest in.

In most of the peer to peer websites, people are allowed to access up to thirty-five thousand dollars.  The online unsecured loan terms run for a period of three to five years.

Who are the major players in the peer-to-peer investments?

Peer-to-peer has only been in the online market for a short time. The largest website in the industry began its operations in 2005. Later on, many other platforms have emerged, and they are all giving consumers great serving. At the moment, Lending Club and Prosper are the leading institutions.

Are there rewards of peer-to-peer investing?

Investor interest in the peer-to-peer lending industry has been growing significantly in the past decade.  This form of investing offers high yield alternatives to the consumer, and this is why it has been doing so well. Here are some of the advantages of peer to peer investing:

Borrowing Costs

P2P loans have different interest rates. However, experts say that the loans offer consumers lower rates compared to most credit cards.  The interests are higher than what most credit unions and bank provide to their customers.  At the moment, credit unions and banks are better options when compared to P2P loans.  The lending requirements in these financial institutions remain to be very strict for most borrowers.

P2P loans are considered to be the most affordable alternatives for consumers who are not able to meet the minimum requirements of the banks and credit unions. These platforms have offered a lot of support to the investors in this category.

The interest rates on P2P loans are s great investment for the lenders.  The investors are able to make more money than they would have made when investing in the stock exchange market.  The investors will have control over the amount of risk they take when giving the loans.

Lower interest rates for individuals borrowing multiple times

If you decide to get a second loan in this platform, you are likely to get better terms compared to the first time.  Borrowers who request for a second loan are considered to be less risky on the P2P lending website.  Most of the lenders choose someone who has already paid their loan so that their investments are safe.

Boosts borrowers’ credit scores

For the consumers who have high credit card debt, P2P loans can offer a great relief because they can boost the credit score.  The FICO credit score requirements determine the credit score of an individual depending on their credit card debt.  Consumers can choose to pay their credit card debts using their P2P loans so that they can raise their scores.  The borrower will benefit significantly from this arrangement.

Quick applications and funding

It evident that the funding and application process of P2P loans is faster when compared to the regular loans from credit unions and banks.  You will only take few minutes to submit your application to the lenders. If the loan is approved, it is funded with cash in the bank account of the borrower in a few days.  This means that the loans are more convenient to people who need emergency funds.

Helping people in need

Lenders and borrowers who are involved in P2P activities have a strong sense of community.  Before the lenders give their money, they get to listen to the story from the borrowers so that they know the causes they are funding.  This forms a personal connection between the two parties. This is absent in other forms of lending.

Not everything about peer to peer investing is positive. Investing in this platform can have a negative impact on the people involved. Peer-to-peer loans are made to different individuals, and this means that they have a risk of default.

Investors should take their time before investing because the loans are unsecured. The borrower does not provide any collateral to cover the loan in case of default.  Investors risk losing one hundred percent of their investment of the borrower is not able to clear the loans at the right time. Experts say that lenders should not invest too much money in the new clients so that the risk is reduced.he new clients so that the risk is reduced.

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