How To Install Cabinets With A Laser Level

installing cabinet

Have you ever tried to install cabinets, but never really knew a way to position each cabinet properly?

If you have this concern, you are at the right place. This article will give you full instructions on how to install cabinets with a laser level and with minimal effort. Follow these rules and ensure that each cabinet is in the right place, so the overall appearance gives additional beauty to your interior design.

Prepare the tools

Before you start with any work, make sure that you prepare the following tools:

Laser level
• Tripod
• Screw gun
• Screws
• Stud finder
• Bubble level
• Ledger board
• Wood shims
• Clamps
• Tape measure
• Pencil

Measure everything

Once you have the necessary tool, take your ready-to assemble cabinets and define the measurements. This step is crucial for the whole process, because if you miss some inch, it would be a certain way to ruin the work. Measure the exact height of each cabinet and make a decision about the positioning. If you know the height of cabinets, you will know how to use the laser level.

The height on the wall that you determine will be the height in the tripod. Put the tripod away from the wall and turn the laser level on. That is the point when you see a virtual chalk line. A laser tape measure is a certain way to get the perfect line. Define the line by marking it on the wall. Now, you have the perfect level where your cabinets will be installed.

Note: If you install the cabinets in the bathroom or any other area with tiles, you may need to grout the space between the tiles. In this case, it is useful to have best grout removal tool for the purpose of better esthetic appearance.

Find the studs

We know the importance of the right measurements, and we must pay the same attention to proper finding of the studs. These are critical points where the cabinets will be supported. Overall weight of the cabinets can be balanced by using the proper stud points. In this step, there is a useful stud finder that will save a lot of time and effort. It is better if you have this tool, but you can locate the studs manually as well. Consider the electricity and plumbing wires, and define the right stud positioning.

When you find the studs, mount the ledger board below the base of the future cabinets. This board will temporarily support the weight of the cabinets when you install them.

Install cabinets properly

At this point, you are ready to install the cabinets. Pick one by one and install them separately, or save some time and install two cabinets at once. Make sure that you attach them with screws at the bottom and at the top of the sides. Secure them into the wall by paying attention to the stud points. Place them according to the lines you marked previously by using the laser level.

Repeat the process for all cabinets and place them properly. When the cabinets are on the wall, finish the work by attaching the doors and the hardware. Also, remove the ledger board and make sure that everything is correct.

If you are satisfied with the work, you are free to use the cabinets and make the most out of the storage space. This kind of installation is a secure way to level and attach the cabinets perfectly, so the overall look is highly appealing.

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