How Daisy Jing ‘Banished’ Skin Problems


Problematic skin is an issue that Daisy Jing, like many others, had to deal with while she was growing up.

It is an issue that affects not just your outer self but your inner self as well. When you have skin problems in your formative years, it degrades your self-confidence and makes you doubt yourself.

Daisy Jing decided to find a cure for her skin problems and started trying out the various skin care products available in the market. In 2009, she started her Youtube channel to share her experiences with these products with her followers. Through those product trials, she found a solution to her problems. She discovered various natural ingredients which are helpful in preventing skin outbreaks and which can get rid of the scars. She mixed these ingredients together and came up with a product that gave her the results she wanted.

She knew there was a demand in the market for such a product and no one else was offering it. So she decided to market her product. This led to the birth of her company, Banish. Banish is based in Pasadena, California and has 13 employees right now. It also has an annual revenue of several million dollars. Jing has a strong social media presence. Apart from Youtube, she is active on Twitter and Facebook. Her channel has around 200,000 subscribers in Youtube. She uses social media to communicate tips and results with her fans.

Jing wants to expand her business and ensure that her products are within reach of anyone who needs them. Like most women entrepreneurs, this 27-year old was also inspired to start her company to provide a solution to a problem. She wanted to help others who suffered from breakouts and the subsequent scarring. Jing wanted them to experience the same confidence boost she experienced when she achieved clearer skin.

How did Banish com about?

Daisy Jing spent her childhood and school years in Minnesota and then shifted to North Carolina to join Duke University. In 2011, she graduated with a Bachelors degree in social psychology and economics. She got a job in Accenture straight out of college and that prompted the move to California. As she went from school to college to a professional work environment, there was one thing remained same – her skin problems.
She tried many different foundations, vitamins supplements, face masks etc… to no avail.
Despite trying out every product that promised to solve her problems, the problem persisted. Finally, in 2012, she visited a plastic surgeon to discuss the options for removing the scars that were left behind by years of breakouts. The doctor set her on the path of natural remedies instead of surgery.

As she had been trying out various products for years and had done her research on these, she knew which ingredients are most effective. She started out by mixing folic acid and vitamin C. This showed some positive results. She decided to share her discovery with her followers on social media and soon they were enquiring if she could sell the concoction. This was the beginning of Banish. The business grew organically with word of mouth marketing. People who used the product and saw results were recommending it to their friends and so on. Today, there are contractors who mix and manufacture the product.

Daisy Jing founder of Banish

Roadblocks along the Way

Even though the initial growth of her business happened organically, there were hurdles along the way. Jing was determined to only use natural ingredients in her products and this slowed the growth of her business compared to her competitors. But Jing didn’t give up and stayed true to her initial vision of what Banish should be. To this day, she is hands-on when it comes to finding the suppliers of the raw materials. She believes it is important to find a team who share the same vision as you do. Otherwise, you may end up with a company that you don’t believe in.

To ensure that Banish only delivers high-quality products, the number of products being offered is limited. The total number of products that Banish has right now, including skincare kits, is only twenty-three. Instead of trying to expand their range without a true understanding of the market and the products, Banish only stocks high-quality products that they know will provide results.

Jing doesn’t want to make a promise she cannot keep. If she expands her product line too fast just to keep up with competitors, without time for proper research, she fears she may lose sight of Banish’s vision and mission.

Being a Chinese-American woman, she faced another hurdle on the personal front. Traditionally, Chinese women are not allowed to own and run businesses. Jing was a trailblazer in this area. It took a long time for her to cross this hurdle and it was also a very difficult hurdle to cross. Despite all the problems, JIng never gave up on her dream. She didn’t let the negativity hold her back. Whether it was lack of support to start the business due to her ethnicity or the shortage of money, she overcame every hurdle on her path with a positive outlook.

And she did this on her own, without any outside help. Jing wants other entrepreneurs to believe that they can also have a successful business if they stay focused on their goal, stay positive and don’t let negativity affect them.

Creating Awareness

Jing wants to expand her business and help more and more people with their struggle against skin issues. She wants to create better awareness about her products. Even today, many people are not aware of Banish and what the results their products can achieve.

The desire for better awareness is not just about economics for Jing. Five years ago, she was in the same shoes as the millions of women out there who, even today, experience severe breakouts and resultant scarring. Having clearer skin improved her confidence and changed her life. She wants others to feel the same way she feels today. The aim of Banish is not to produce supermodels.

That is impossible to do. But you definitely can help others feel good about themselves and be comfortable and confident in their own skin. It is not just about achieving outer beauty, it is also about being at peace with yourself.

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