A lot of people say that they have a hard time finding happiness.  They may talk about certain accomplishments they’ve earned, or certain superficial traits of a life that is supposed to be happy.  Yet they may not be working to attain and maintain happiness on a daily basis.

Happiness can be a habit, and can be cultivated with some easy habits. 

Make time for fun– Not only is it important to have some play time in our busy schedules, but we must make time for it—make it a priority.  Just getting to it isn’t enough.  The key is to either have it scheduled or to drop what you’re doing and do something relaxing.

This is what brings true joy because it shows you that some fun play can fit into your hectic lifestyle.

Be around happy people– While it’s not always possible, it’s quite possible to avoid people who are negative and who’ll drag you down.  Studies can attest to the positive effects of having happy, fulfilled, and positive people around you.

Fight Unhappiness Proactively– If you are finding that you’re having a bad day and not feeling well emotionally, take active steps to change this.  This can include things like reducing the number of things you wish to get done that day, taking yourself out of stressful situations, or doing something to restore your peace of mind.   This might be meditation, doing some exercise, using aroma therapy or relaxing tea; whatever it is that makes you feel comfortable.  You’re not going to enjoy happiness if you don’t give yourself the ingredients for happiness.

Give to Others- You will find this to be as fun and invigorating as it is challenging.  If you can integrate giving to and helping others into a daily routine, you’re doing well, and you’ll feel happiness as a result.

Giving compliments to your friends and family, being sure to prioritize their needs, sacrificing a bit of your time, or volunteering to pick up the check at lunch can all be ways of giving of yourself.  These will all give you a true satisfaction that, combined with these other methods, will give you an enduring happiness.

Live in the Moment- It’s hard to manage an entire day or an entire web of ideas all at once.  Trying to do too much will only cause unnecessary stress.

Having a clear mind means attending to the moment at hand, savoring it, making it the best you can, giving it your full attention.  This step puts together all the others and applies them in a way that is manageable.

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