Best Staff Training Ideas for 2016


No matter what kind of industry you work in trying to think of new training ideas for staff can be tricky.

From training days to webinars, new courses and getting experts to come in to present new ideas, thinking of innovative and interesting ideas for continuous staff training is a problem faced by many employers. So what staff training ideas can you try out this year?

Team building

A great way to help employees to bond together and produce better work as a result is by holding team building days. It’s proven that a workforce that can all pull together and work well with one another is likely to be much more efficient and productive. Therefore ensuring a solid foundation through team building is crucial to employers.

Long gone are the days where employers host group problem solving games, now employers take their workforce away to tackle obstacle courses and complete relay races to make sure their teams are as cohesive as possible. Head to Go Ape for a day of fun or try out laser questing. Be as inventive as possible with the kind of team building events you hold.

For example if you haven’t got the budget to take all your staff away for a day out then hold your own obstacle course in the car park or create a treasure hunt in the office. As long as it’s something out of the ordinary which is fun and challenging, you’ll be able to see your team working together. This should improve the company’s work ethos as a result.


There are so many different types of courses out there that there’s definitely always room for improvement. Whether you feel employees could benefit from a little time management training or need to brush up on their Excel skills, there’s certain to be a course out there for it.

Make sure you allocate enough budget to training as it really comes in handy in all areas of business from developing an employee’s creative potential to nurturing their management skills. Check out what short courses are on offer at local colleges and universities as they tend to be full of the most current and up to date trends and will be the most useful.

It’s important to make sure that the courses you do send employees on are relevant and will help to benefit the company.

A good way to ensure that sending employees on courses is affordable is by seeing if the trainer can come to you and by putting a number of employees on the same course. A really worthwhile course is the ITIL certifications which are amazing for developing IT skills and benefit the business greatly as so many businesses rely heavily on their IT practitioners’ knowledge being up to scratch.

In-house training

Another great way to train staff is by seeing what in house training you could run. Each employee in your company will have a different skill set from their particular background which their expert knowledge of could help others.

From creative ideas to using Photoshop and illustrator software, find out who is exceptional at different areas of your business and encourage them to run a short training sessions. Employees are likely to be interested in attending their own colleagues and friends sessions and it gives people an opportunity to showcase their individual strengths helping to boost workplace morale.

There are so many different ways to train staff depending on your line of work. Whether you’re really creative or work in finance, team work is an essential part of any business and helps companies to grow so investing time and money in a combination of training methods is really worthwhile.

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